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Lawyers work at the crossroads of major life events, such as real estate transactions, divorces, criminal defense trials, and death. All of these events tend to involve strong emotions, your financial assets, and a legal maze you’ll need help navigating.

However, when you have a great attorney, you won’t have to worry. For legal help from a family law attorney or a lawyer specializing in criminal defense, real estate law, or estate planning, contact Roderic H. Slayton, PC. He’ll provide you with the friendly, skilled legal help you need to pursue the best path to success in the Orange, VA, area.

Services Offered

Roderic H. Slayton, PC practices many types of law, including family law, and can therefore provide a wide variety of services. Issues our firm can help you with include:
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Closing for real estate
  • Collections
  • Criminal defense
  • Divorce
  • Evictions
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Landowner disputes
  • Property settlements
  • Will and estate planning
  • Zoning issues
At Roderic H. Slayton, PC, we understand that major life events such as divorces and evictions will likely leave your emotions running high. We want to help you get the best outcome possible, and we’re ready to negotiate effectively and if necessary fight to meet your needs. As we represent you, we’ll always treat you as an individual and communicate respectfully.

If you need help with a divorce, a custody battle, a real estate issue, an estate plan, or a criminal defense, then call Roderic H. Slayton at 540-672-5053. He has the skilled you need to reach the best outcome possible.
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Our Service Areas Include:

Albemarle County, VA
Charlottesville, VA
Culpeper, VA
Fredericksburg, VA
Greene, VA
Louisa County, VA
Madison, VA
Orange, VA
Spotsylvania County, VA

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We are here to guide you throughout your legal battle. You can count on Roderic H. Slayton, P.C. for the guidance you need from the start of your case's proceeding until the end. Call us at (540) 672-5053 today to schedule a legal consultation with our attorney.